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Helier Scientific Limited (HSL)

Helier Scientific Ltd is an innovative company offering an assay service for the analysis and interpretation of a range of specialised research diagnostic tests.  Our aim is to bring both established and novel in-house lab based research to new customers and collaborators.

Assay Services and Tests

Originally rooted in renal research, we have been developing novel assays for a range of cytokines, biomarkers, and indices of tissue injury which have broad applications to researchers in many different fields.

The platforms for our tests currently include cell culture, protein-protein interactions, ELISA and xMAP multiplexing technology.

Our collaborative networks include diverse companies such as Biobanks, protein production companies and even engineering companies equipping us to meet the varied needs of researchers in academia, the health service and industry.

We are always happy to discuss our clients’ needs and how we can work with them.

"Given the complexity of most common conditions ... multimarker approaches assessing the major aspects of the pathophysiology of the disease may be needed ... Development and implementation of such ambitious efforts will undoubtedly face many challenges, but may eventually fulfill the visionary goal of personalized medicine"
Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis, MD, The Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

HELIER SCIENTIFIC LTD offers several panels of markers through our Luminex multi-cytokine assays